(08) 9191 7402
P.O. Box 383, Fitzroy Crossing, WA 6765


Wulungarra Community School is an Aboriginal Independent Community School (AICS) in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, located south east of Fitzroy Crossing on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert and surrounded by the Saint George Ranges. The school is built on Millijiddee Cattle Station and both the school and cattle station are owned and run by Kadjina Community.

Originally an out-station serviced by the Kulkarriya Independent Aboriginal Community School (AICS), Kadjina Community located at Millijiddee gained independent status for their school in 1997. The school has a commitment to maintaining children's knowledge of cultural practices. Wulungarra Community School upholds and keeps safe a vision of education that arose from voices heard in the past. The school founder, late Ms. Madelaine Laurel worked tirelessly to establish a school that would meet the educational needs of local families in the Kadjina Community.